Track Competitors

Tender Tiger meticulously monitors a vast volume of approximately 500,000 Tender Results annually. As a result, we possess intricate insights into the bidding behaviors of all participants, including both you and your competitors. This offering holds the potential for strategic utilization in positioning your bids for winning and securing Tender contracts.

Observe Competitor Actions Through:
  • Tracing Tenders submitted, secured, lost, or disqualified by your rivals
  • Monitoring competitor engagements based on geographical regions
  • Examining competitor involvements across time spans
  • Monitoring competitor involvements relative to specific Tendering Organizations
  • Analyzing competitor pursuits according to contract values
How to Leverage This Service:
  • You have the option to access the unprocessed data directly
  • Acquire an API that facilitates data retrieval, granting you the flexibility to explore and manipulate the information
  • Customized reports tailored to your requirements
Get 1 Competitor's data for Free.

If you are interested in evaluating this service, get in touch with your Tender relationship manager and we will give you data for 1 customer for free of cost.