Bid Consultancy

Tender Tiger annually monitors nearly 10 million Tenders, equating to around 100 million potential sales opportunities. The sheer magnitude of this undertaking can sometimes overwhelm your team, leading to the unfortunate decision to skip tender participation. The solution to this problem is Tender Tiger Bid Consultancy Services. Here's how it empowers you to confidently engage in more tender submissions.

Our Bid Consultancy Service includes:
  • GEM / MSME / Other Portal Registeration Consultancy.
  • Product / Service Upload in Gem Portal.
  • Brand Approval in GEM Portal.
  • OEM Panel / Vendor Assessment / QCI Process in GEM Portal.
  • All Bidding,Training & Other Support Services related to GEM.
  • Dedicated BID Manager.
  • Facilitation of Portal Registration for Submissions
  • Bid Preparation and Submission Readiness
  • Active Tender Tracking
  • Qualification Assessment based on Pre-Qualification Conditions
  • Assistance in Securing Relaxations during Pre-bid Meetings
  • Insight into Their Anticipated Bidding Approaches
  • Provision of Competitive Quotes for Bill of Quantity (BOQ) Items
  • Support in Finding Consortium Partners if Necessary
  • Creation of Comprehensive Technical Bids
  • Identification of Potential Bidders
Guaranteed Confidentiality:

We uphold an unwavering commitment to maintaining 100% confidentiality. Our approach involves working with only one bidder/tender per engagement, eliminating any potential conflicts of interest on our end. This ensures that your valuable data and bids remain entirely secure and immune from compromise. Therefore, it is imperative that you engage us as your partner as soon as you encounter a tender, preventing our engagement with your competitors.

Let's get started.

Feel free to communicate the tenders that capture your interest. This will enable us to guide you effectively on your journey towards securing successful outcomes. For further assistance in winning tenders, we encourage you to reach out to your designated Tender relationship manager.