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Introducing the Tiger Millionaire Club - Your Path to Prosperity!

Are you a seasoned sales & marketing professional with over a decade of experience in a specific product or service? Imagine harnessing your expertise to unlock the potential of thousands of suppliers. Join us as a catalyst for growth and become a partner in the Tiger Millionaire Club!

At the Tiger Millionaire Club, we're on a mission to empower suppliers from diverse categories through our cutting-edge platform, TenderTiger. With close to 100 million business opportunities annually, including tenders, consortiums, bid consulting, RFPs, RFQs, auctions, tender results, sub-contracting, BOQ, liaising, and private tenders, the possibilities are boundless.

If your network spans far and wide, and you're well-versed in sales and marketing, we invite you to explore an exclusive partnership with us. Your connections and know-how could lead to substantial earnings, with our services retailing up to Rs. 1 million per year. As an exclusive business partner & reseller for a given catgory, you could earn up to an impressive 60% revenue share.

Key Benefits:
  • Upto 60% Revenue Share
  • Zero Investment
  • Exclusive Rights
  • Exhaustive Training
  • Own domain name
  • You share lead, we convert.
  • We share lead, you convert
  • Category Focus
  • Sell Globally, earn in $
  • Idea for employees, consultants

Visit our website to delve into the details of this exciting opportunity. If you're a sales and marketing expert, let's discuss how we can team up and create a synergy that drives success.

Seize this chance to transform industries, connect suppliers, and embark on a journey to becoming a Tiger Millionaire. Your expertise, coupled with our platform, can redefine success!

Join us today as our exclusive Business Partner cum Reseller and let's catalyze growth together! Call Vishal (+91 81607 11068) or Ritesh (+91 97234 64748)or email us at